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Dream Chaserzzz Basketball Inc. Caps off Year With Festivities

More success. More progress. More growth. Dream Chaserzzz rounds out another great year with the annual end-of-year celebration party on Saturday June 30th 2018. The event, which was held in downtown Mississauga, showcased the appreciation for the ongoing belief and support the parents and athletes have given to ensure the growth and progress of the Dream Chaserzzz program.



It was an exciting, fun day that really highlighted the love and dedication this company has for the sport and development of aspiring young athletes. Justin Alliman (Global basketball trainer & NBA Ambassador) shared the Dream Chaserzzz program’s global reach by speaking about his knowledge and life experiences after a tour around Asia; educating and conducting training seminars with the youth. David Tyndale discussed the traits and qualities needed to get to the next level, and ultimately stay there. He also discussed the level of dedication needed for the game in order to make it far by stressing how basketball needs to be a life choice, and not just a hobby. Tyndale has been living and training in Philadelphia with Canadian NBA player Nik Stauskas; who recently just became the newest acquisition of the Portland Trailblazers roster.

Overall, it was a day filled with fun, laughter and excitement for the present and what the future holds. There were a lot of interactive activities, including a shootout where the winner took home a brand new pair of Steph Curry 4 signature shoes. Whether it was a young athlete or a parent— everyone left with something to commemorate the party, and Dream Chaserzzz are ready to push forward and evolve as the program’s reach continues to grow.

Young Athlete Receives Steph Curry 4's after winning the shooting competition

Young Athlete Receives Steph Curry 4's after winning the shooting competition