RYU is Beautiful Tough

Respect Your Universe (RYU) the brand Dream Chaserzzz Basketball has got you all wondering about. Over the past summer we have teamed up with RYU as brand connectors for something that has turned out to be #BeautifulTough.


On Saturday October 14th, RYU had their grand opening for their newest retail location at 361 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario. The event was filled with trainers, health influencers and motivators from all over Canada. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check them out don’t wait  any longer. Stop reading this immediately and head on over. Ok, maybe wait until you’re done reading but if you want to get first pick on some game changing workout gear you better hurry up.

In 2017 RYU has sponsored Dream Chaserzzz and supplied us with numerous amounts of gear and giveaways to share. To date there has been 3 RYU x Dream Chaserzzz basketball clinics and soon to be a part of one of our newest programs the “Dream Chaserzzz Skills Academy”.

RYU has donated 60 gift cards, a few dozen shirts and a dozen hats to name a few things. We are proud to call them one of our sponsors and will continue to respect our universe.

Behind the meaning “Beautiful Tough”

Living with integrity is tough. Yet it is in this toughness, this humanity, that we find true beauty. We believe beauty is achievement earned – not an aesthetic bestowed. Our beauty is measured by our thoughts and actions and extends to our designs, team, partnerships and community. Where being respectful is a way of life, not a tag line.