NBA All-star weekend 2018 in Los Angeles, California. Where do we start? Have you ever got the chance to experience All-star weekend? If you have, was it in LA?

First off let me tell you Los Angeles is one amazingly beautiful place to live. Secondly having the entire NBA all within arm’s reach for a weekend is special. The weekend was nothing short of spectacular I was able to go to many of the events that the NBA had put on throughout the city and I could participate while networking and building new relationships. I enjoyed just as many off-court events as I did on court. Look at how some of the events unfolded.



In 2019 NBA, All-Star weekend will be held in Charlotte, NC guess where I’ll be? I was also able to have some pretty cool gear. If you would like to win these now collectors’ items here is how you can.


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*Winner will be announced on Wednesday February 28th 2018