Get Ready to Train with the Junior Dream Chaserzzz Academy!



The Junior Dream Chaserzzz Academy is set to begin on September 8th, 2018, and will be running for ten consecutive weeks. Twenty athletes aged five to eight—with skillsets ranging from beginner to advanced—will be taught basic fundamentals that are essential to building the foundations of learning basketball. Training will be held every Saturdays 5-6:30PM at the Benchmark Sports Facility, located at 284 Orenda Road, Brampton. 


The popularity and presence of Basketball in Canada is massive and only continues to grow, so Dream Chaserzzz wants to ensure that basketball training is taken just as seriously as other development programs. Dream Chaserzzz revolve this program around the slogan “big dreams start with little people”; they want to help the youth achieve their dreams and ensure that they have the right tools to help them as they progress in their journeys. 


Basic fundamentals that the program will cover include —but are not limited to— dribbling, passing, form shooting and defensive mechanics, while also ensuring that the athletes’ passion for the game continue to grow. Numerous athletes that have gone through the Dream Chaserzzz program have gone on to receive basketball scholarships and opportunities to play professionally in the NBA and WNBA. 

To sign up for the program or learn more about it, visit, or contact them via social media; @Dream_Chaserzzz on Twitter, Dream.Chaserzzz on Instagram and DreamChaserzzzInc on Facebook. Email inquiries can be directed to