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View of a private room at "Float Mississauga".

View of a private room at "Float Mississauga".


This week I had the amazing experience of a pretty new and cool method of relaxation at Float Mississauga. I know you're thinking, what do you mean "Float"? Well for those of you unfamiliar, float relaxation also known as sensory deprivation is when all external stimuli such as light and sound are removed which allows your central nervous system to reduce its workload and get a much deeper rest than when you sleep.


So, onto my experience I walk into Float Mississauga and not only was I greeted by a lovely host but also an at ease ambience that had me willing to wait for an hour for my turn if I had to. Thankfully that didn't happen and I was off to my room in no time where I saw what looked to be a huge egg-shaped bathtub. The host gave me the run down on what I would need to do and what to expect. After hearing her I figured this couldn't be hard and I was ready to float.

I had never floated in my life not even in swimming lessons so I was excited for this experience, Plus I had also heard plenty of athletes were now trying this method of relaxation. I got in my pod, cut all the lights off in the room and decided the music option this time wasn't for me. I wanted to plunge deep inside my mind and my thoughts and just allow my body to relax the way it should. It took me a few minutes to situate myself but once settled I noticed I could no longer feel my body nor my skin, such an incredible feeling. It was as if I was outside of my body and could imagine myself laying there floating. 

Overall, I came out of my float session feeling like a new man. I'm going to become a lifelong "floater". The session was an hour but felt much shorter. I guess it's true what they say "time fly's when you're having fun". Thank you Float Mississauga.

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