Dream Chaserzzz Basketball Inc. is the GTA's #1 year round basketball training academy.  It’s a place where you can come in and expect to be trained and treated like a pro athlete no matter what level you’re currently at. With some of the best trainers the city has ever produced we are extremely positive we can develop you into the best player you can be. Getting better isn’t just about training hard; it’s about training with purpose.

All of our trainers have played either college/university basketball and/or at the professional level so we are no slouch when it comes to competing.  Dream Chaserzzz Basketball Inc. founded in July of 2013 by Justin Alliman whom had a vision to help others like himself; underdogs, without household names or opportunity to play rep basketball due to financial restrictions.

Dream Chaserzzz Basketball Inc. is listed as the #1 most affordable Elite basketball training program in the Greater Toronto Area. We are proud to be able to offer such high quality service to everyone who has “The Love for the Game”, financial restrictions should not be the reason you can’t get the best training.



Our training and development philosophy is heavily based on having a support system that genuinely cares for our athletes but isn’t afraid to get under you to push you to your best. There are many different facets of being a great basketball player and we believe in exploring all those avenues. It isn’t enough to be athletically gifted, what about your footwork, your teamwork, your determination and also your mental toughness. Not everyone is built for the work it takes to be great, but we will certainly find out if you are.

Dream Chaserzzz Basketball Inc. we strongly believe that the fundamental basketball skills are the most important things to be mastered. Once those are taken cared of then it’s essential to add other dynamics to your game.

Upon reaching high school most kids have never completed elite basketball training, and have mostly only played either house league or rep basketball. This leaves them at a huge disadvantage, where will the basic fundamentals that many of their peers who are serious about basketball be taught or picked up? This is also why we believe that kids should be having basketball training just as much as they play games, if not more. In other sports such as hockey and soccer kids start training at young ages, so here at Dream Chaserzzz we do the same. We look to have them fall in love with the sport all while learning how to play it the right way. In a sport such as basketball that has grown so rapidly there is little time to break bad habits that can be prevented from the start with great teaching. Dream Chaserzzz Basketball Inc. we stress the importance of being an all-around player, so one can expect defensive principles to also be a major factor in our training. If we can instill in the minds of kids at a young age that there is no onesingle more important skill to have as a basketball player but that all are equally important than we believe that they are well on their way to making their basketball dreams a reality.